CD part number is DB1275.

CD Features combines, attachments, belt pickups, pickup platforms, cam-lobe motor, corn heads, moniter systems, platforms, row-crop heads, and transport frame.

CD contains the following models:

COMBINES:  4420,4425,4435,4435 Hydro, 6620,6622,7720,7721,7722,8820,9400,9410,9450,9500,9500 Sidehill,9501,9510,9510 Sidehill,9600,9610,9650,9650sts,9750sts,CTS,CTS II, CTS 9650

HEADERS:  200,218,900,914,918,920,925D,930D,936D,Quik-Tatch,900 R&F, Three Roller Belt

CORN HEAD: 40 series & 90 series

ROW-CROP HEADER:  50 series & 50A series

MONITER SYSTEMS:  Greenstar yield mapping and yield moniter systems, AG Management solutions.