CD part number is DB1278.

CD Features bale accumulator, bale processer, baler, round baler, square baler, forage blower, rotary chopper, hay conditioner, engine, fertilizer distrubtor, beet harvester, forage harvester attachments, forage pull-type harvester, forage self-propelled harvester, mower attachment, mower conditioners, rotary mower, sickle mower, hay rake,  tedder, windrower, and platform windrower.

 CD contains the following models:

BALERS:  330,335,375,385,410,430,435,446,456,466,500,510,530,535,546,556,566,  327,328,337,338,346,347,348,466,467,468

MOWER CONDITIONER:  710,720,820,910 Rotary Impeller, 910 Rotary Roller, 915 Rotary Impeller, 915 Rotary Roller, 920 Rotary Impeller, 920 Rotary Roller, 925 Rotary Impeller, 925 Rotary Roller

SICKLE/ROTARY MOWER: 240,260,265,270,275,350,450

WINDROWER:  290,580,590,800,830,2250,2270,2280,2320,2360,2420,3430,3830,4890

WINDROW PLATFORM:  120,130,135,140,160,183,220,230,240,300,300A,890.