CD part number is DB1279.

CD Features commodity cart, coulter cart, air drill, grain drill, soybean & grain drill, grain drill hitches, planter hitch, hydraulic marker, seed monitor, planter attachment, cotton & corn planter, unit planter, air seeder, central metering seeder, air system seeding, sprayer attachment, seeding tiller, seeding tool, and lift assist wheel.

CD contains the following models:

AIR DRILL:  730,735,737,770,775,780,785,1810,1820,1850

GRAIN DRILL:  450,455,750,1520,8500,9000,9400,515,520

COTTON,CORN PLANTER: 431,631,1240,1250,1260,1280,1290,1300,1700,1710,1720,1730,1750,1760, 1770,1780,7000,7100,7200,7240,7300,7340, and 71

COMMODITY CART:  1900 (for air seeders)

SEEDING TOOL:  610,1060