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2020 AEDGETA SHOW Apache Junction, AZ

2020 AEDGETA Show Glendale,AZ


Manuals for sale:

Do you need an original JD Operators Manual for your JD Implement or Tractor? Click on "Manuals For Sale" to the left and then click on "Operators Manuals".  Over 800 original JD Operators Manuals from the 1920's  to the 1960's. Send email to "Parts Sales email" below for a price and shipping quote. Original Tractor Manuals have been added. More manuals are being added as time permits including original Service Manuals and Parts Catalogs..

Discussion Forum:

John Deere Antique Tractor Mail list to help get JD questions answered.       Over 80 active members nationwide. To join:Join JDAT

NOS Parts For Sale

We have been able to acquire a large stock of NOS John Deere Parts as well as  Used 800 Series Hitch parts. An initial inventory of NOS parts available have been listed on this site. Click on NOS Parts For Sale on the left. If interested contact us at: Parts Sales email or 360 633-5914

800 Series Hitch info and Parts for Sale:

See 800 Series Hitch info at:

800 Hitch Article (PDF File- 3.17 mb)


800 Hitch Pictures


Some of our 800 series hitch inventory


ďI will never put my name on a plow that does not have in it the best that is in me"~~John Deere


This Deere Legacy Web Site is in no way connected to the John Deere Company





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